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IP Marine Solutions believes that the success of an organization depends on the quality of its personnel. We believe that our leaders for tomorrow will grow within our organization and hence, we stress on providing an environment wherein our employees can experience tremendous personal and professional growth. We are passionate about providing the quality and cost effective multi-national man power in time.

At IPMS Crew Management, we recognize the value of deploying seafarers who are well-trained and certified in accordance with STCW 2010. Our crew recruitment and training department proactively develop our very own Quality Seafarers.

It is not necessarily true to say that sub-standard ships always have sub-standard crews but a substandard crew almost certainly means a substandard ship. Manning and management have a clear significance in assessing the ship’s overall quality.>

The stringent selection process ensures that we have access to an unceasing supply of knowledgeable and well-trained seafarers for deployment onboard our managed vessels. Currently, we have database of about 2000 seafarers and we have experience of employing multi national seafarers from following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Ukraine, Russian and Romania.

We provide a number of workforces of all ranks for main fleet ships as well as for river sea and inland vessels. Our interest is to have well oriented and motivated seafarers on board whom we always consider our assets. Evaluation of competence of seafarers is done on an ongoing basis to ensure only the BEST are retained.
Personalized approach to seafarers
The fleet Personnel database of IP Marine Solutions is not just about numbers but the building of relationships. We have built up a team of dedicated, well trained and committed seafarers for our Principals. Through our policies we encourage long term employment that provide career building opportunities also built personal relationships with the seafarers.
Selection Function
The company adheres to rules and regulations under ISM code and STCW convention. The employment of qualified, experienced and dedicated seafarers is to ensure safe operations on ships

After short-listing the candidates, selection & recruitment processes are carried out simultaneously i.e. documentation check, Flag State endorsements, Oil Major's Matrix compliance, fitness & medical tests and travel arrangements. Good communication and liaisoning is maintained at all stages. The suitable candidates are chosen after series of test viz, aptitude, psychometric etc. We ensure that the best person for the job is selected by verification of qualification, reference checks and secondary interview. The joining procedure is then initiated by giving candidates the briefing of ship and its operations.

We can provide resourceful crew on all rank, having experienced on General, Cargo Vessels, Bulk Carrier Ship, Container Ships, Vehicle Carrier, Live Stock Carrier, Passenger ship, Luxury Cruse Liner, Platform and Oilrigs Reefer Vessels, Ro-Ro Vessels, Chemical Tankers, Crude Oil Tankers, Product Tankers, LPG ,offshore vessels(OSV, PSV, MSV, Barge, Supply vessel, Dredger and Survey Vessels.
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