Marine Investigations
  Inspections,Surveys & Audits
  Marine Consultancy
Value Addition Training
Basic Advanced
Ship General Safety-Personal Safety Corrosion Protection-2
Safety Equipment Vessel Structural Conditions
Rigging & Slinging EMS-OHSAS Crosswalk - ISM 5 Core Functions
Fire Fighting Liquid Cargo Properties
First Aid Crude Oil Washing
ISM Codes Assessor Training
ISM Audit Check List Accident Investigation
Ship Security Officer Training System Risk Assessment & Management
Personal Survival and Survival Craft Tanker Man Course- Advanced Course
Port State Inspection Ballast Water Management
Tanker man Course- Familiarization Search & Rescue Training
Maritime English Ship Familiarization Electronic Chart Display System (ECDIS)
COLREG Voyage Planning
Corrosion Protection-1 Satellite Navigation-GPS
Human Relations & Social Responsibilities Off Shore Checklist
Oil Pollution Act 1990 (OPA-90) Automatic Velocity Control
Steering Gear Flue Gas Plant
  Pumps and Pumping Operations
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